The celebration of San Antón has become a tradition rooted in Christian culture and, specifically, in devotion to the Patron Saint of Animals. Legend has it that San Antón lived in the desert, where he faced temptations and surrounded himself with nature, sharing his space with wild creatures. January 17 marks the date of his death, a day that, throughout the centuries, has been adopted as a time to honor his memory. Popular belief maintains that San Antón had the gift of communicating with animals and that, during his life, many of them came to him for help and protection. The holiday is not only an occasion for religious veneration but also a reminder of the importance of compassion towards all living creatures. In a symbolic gesture, the faithful bring their pets to receive the blessing, seeking the protection and well-being of their animal companions. In summary, the celebration of San Antón is not only a religious event but an expression of respect for life in all its forms.